Meet the Designer

Hi, I am Audra Daughtry, the person behind Nanci K Kreations. I have always loved crafts. As a young girl I did many cross stitch pieces, some of which have been passed along from parent to child. I also did embroidery, macrame, leather craft and ceramics. 

NeedleDeeva Sugar Skull

I taught myself to knit in 2008, and went crazy with it, as is my style with anything I embrace. In 2013, while knitting with friends at a shop that also carried needlepoint, I was seduced by "all the pretty colors" of the needlepoint canvases and threads, and convinced my friends to join me in giving needlepoint a try. This sugar skull is the first thing I ever stitched...and I have not stopped!

I became entrenched in the needlepoint world during the four years I worked for Labors of Love Designs and Shop. Upon my departure from LoL I knew I wanted to continue to be a part of the needlepoint community and was encouraged by friends to take bits of my quirky personality and turn them into needlepoint designs.

Before landing in Georgia, I grew up in Texas. After high school, I went to the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, and then headed back to Texas where I went to a couple other Texas universities, majoring in mechanical engineering. I LOVE math! It is safe to say that I am a super nerd. I live in the 'burbs of Atlanta with my husband Kevin (who is also a super nerd) and our fur babies.